File No 061: Summer; Summer; Summer Time.


It’s hump day! You know what that means Second Lifers! Yup, more goodness from the good people at Cosmopolitan Sale Room. Huh? Wait. What were you thinking? Oh… get your minds out of the gutter. Shame on you. Anyways, back to the task at hand. The current round over at CSR only runs until the 24th so if you haven’t gotten a chance to get down there and check everything out. I would recommend that you do. Immediately. Like right now. Like close this page and get to CSR.

For those of you still reading I want to give a big shout out to Corina Wonder, Owner of Cosmopolitan Sale Room for putting up with my shenanigans and agreeing to pose with me. I would also like to give an equally big shout out to [:: JesyDream ::] for providing me with the sick denim jacket (the blue version is pictured but it’s also available in balck). Keep up the good work. That’s it for me Second Lifers, stay classy.


On Him
[ears] [Mandala] || Stretched EARS
[facial hair] Fe Style || Facial Hair 3ED – 1
[beard] -Labyrinth- || Diego Beard
[tattoo] [Sleepy Bozer] || Shibby Renounced

[hat] [Under Dogs] || StrapBack Fitted – 420
[jacket] [:: JesyDream ::] || Jean’s Jacket BLUE / shirt Men [Exclusively @ CSR]
[necklace] [Mandala] || TAIGA_Necklace_set_All colors [Available @ TMD]
[shorts] [Under Dogs] || Corbin Shorts – Blue Plaid
[shoes] BALKANIK 2.0 || VENS DSTROYJEANS [Available @ TMD]

On Her
[dress] IAF || Mercy Dress (Blue) [Exclusively @ CSR]
[shoes] EMPORIUM || Wood Plataform SLink HIGH [Exclusively @ CSR]
[pose] {NanTra} || Shoe-aholic Pose Pack- Pose 2 [Exclusively @ CSR]

File No 060: Untitled


What up Second Lifers? The current round of Cosmopolitan Sale Room has started and there’s many, many, many good things available. After looking through the selection from the current round, I threw this together. It’s not glamorous, it’s not runway-worthy, but what it is is a tribute to me and my real life. Sweats, hoodie, sneakers, hitting the park with my boys to run some pick up games. That’s just how I live. Ya know, when I’m not online snapping pictures and posting ramblings for you all to enjoy. I would like to send a big, big, BIG thanks to Cosmopolitan Sale Room, etham, meshTheory, and gojo creations for the awesome, high quality gear. I look forward to continuing showcasing what’s available. But for now, I’m out. Stay classy Second Lifers.


[shape] .:Alberta Park:. || Judah Shape
[ears] [Mandala] || Stretched EARS
[beard] -Labyrinth- || Beast Beard
[tattoos] [Sleepy Bozer] || Shibby Renounced

[hoodie] meshTheory || Men’s Hoodie – Red [Exclusive @ CSR]
[sweats] etham || Track Pants – Black [Exclusive @ CSR]
[sneakers] gojo creations || mesh black sneakers unisex [Exclusive @ CSR]

[pose] Focus Poses || Male Set 19

File No 058: Live Free.

What up Second Lifers? I’m back again with more goodness from [ZENTRO] and Cosmopolitan Sale Room. Zentro is one of those tattoo designers I think people sleep on. So I had to bring you this tattoo entitled Live Free Tattoo, available exclusively at CSR. But the current round ends on the 30th so I’d suggest you get down there and check out ZENTRO and all the other high quality designers before this round’s over.


[tattoo] [ZENTRO] || Live free tattoo [Exclusively At CSR]

File No 057: I Gotta F***in Problem.


So for those of you that don’t know, I’m the shit. The proverbial pimp. I got hoes (I got hooooes).. In different area codes (area!).. Area codes. Too much? Right. Okay, no not really. That’s a huge exaggeration. What I do have those are some awesome friends willing to get all dolled up and snap some pics with me. So I want to give a big shout out and thanks to my beautiful model Smurfy for posing with me. You were a delight! Now to the task at hand…

Ah hell! Project: Narcissist and Cosmopolitan Sale Room hooked up again? Game changer. If you haven’t gotten a chance to get down to CSR I suggest you do before the 30th because they’ve got some awesome exclusives down there. And keep in mind nothing is more than 70Ls. Quality exclusives for 70Ls? I know right! Why are you still looking at this. Get down there! But in case you’re still reading than I want to give a humongous, gargantuan, monumental shout out to both [Motivaction] and *Sup Poses* for their contributions to the blog. First the dress shirt provided by Motivaction. Then one of the super sexy (other pose not pictured… yet) poses available from Sup Poses. Together they really did the job making look far more smooth than I really am. Enjoy Second Lifers and stay classy.


[eyes] FATE || eyes v2.0
[ears] [MANDALA] || Stretched EARS
[beard] -Labyrinth- || Beast Beard
[facial tattoo] Speakeasy || Thug_Life face tattoo
[body tattoo] Speakeasy || Honor Tradition Tattoo [NEW]

[hat] .Reckless. || Gacha Snapback 5.
[piercings] SuPerBia || PierCinGs *SeT 12* M&F
[shirt] [Motivaction] || Simple Dress Shirt [Exclusively At CSR]
[pants] Speakeasy || Grey Royals*Unisex [NEW]
[shoes] 2REAL || VAYDERZ

[pose] *Sup Poses* || Possession 2 [Exclusively At CSR]

File No 056: Do Somethin Crazy; Do Somethin Crazy.


C’mere Second Lifers: on my lap. Guess who’s back with a brand new wrap? So like I said yesterday, the blogging bug has been tempting me to get my ass online and do something. Posing with the sisserfayce yesterday and having her nag me to post it didn’t help. So I’m back. Again. With some stuff. Who am I kidding? You know the drill.

Big, big, BIG shoutout to Speakeasy for all the swagnificent he releases and drops on us bloggers. It’s definitely always a pleasure to bring you guys his creations. He’s always dropping new items so definitely check Speakeasy out. You wont be disappointed or your money back. Wait… scratch that last part. You wont be disappointed though.


[hat] Speakeasy || Spiked Snapback [NEW]
[piercings] SuPerBia || PierCinGs *SeT 12* M&F
[ears] [MANDALA] || Stretched EARS
[beard] -Labyrinth- || Beast Beard
[shirt] DOZZE || Semi Plaid Casual Shirt (blue)
[backpack] AITUI || Ridgeway Bags
[tattoo] Speakeasy || Honor Tradition Tattoo [NEW]
[jeans] Speakeasy || Camo Royals *Unisex [NEW]
[shoes] DOZZE || Dare Mix Sneakers w/HUD

File No 055: Got A Two Track Mind.

No I’m not a hipster, I’m rebel to the marrow. What up Second Lifers? It’s been forever since I’ve spoken at (not with, at) any of you crazy mofos. Like… two months to be exact. But once again the temptation is rearing its head, trying to pull me back in. This time it came in the former of my darling sister Jelly who started her own blog: Taste Of Attitude. Definitely check her out if you’re a lady. Or if you wear lady clothes. Or if you have a lady you would like to buy clothes for. Or… you get the idea. Anways, thanks Jelly for pulling me back into this shit. But I’m off for now. Later Second Lifers.


[hat] Speakeasy ||Spiked KING Snapback Black [NEW]
[vest] Pr!ck || KrunK Vest – MontreL
[tattoo] Speakeasy || Honor Tradition Tattoo [NEW]
[necklace] Sleepy Eddy || Pocket Watch Necklace
[pants] *Chronokit* || Parachute Sarouel Pants Black
[shoes] DOZZE || Dare Sneakers w/HUD

Jelly’s Outfit: Here

File No 054: Every Thug Needs A Lady.


Happy New Year Second Lifers! So I took a day off to recover, regain myself, find my bearings, etc etc etc (I told you I was going to be drunk NYE). Basically I had to get over my hang over. I wont lie to you. But I’m good, I’m re-energized, and it’s back to work. The first post of 2014. I hope everyone had a fun, safe, exciting New Year’s Eve. For those of you that stayed home and had a nice quiet night in… I envy you. I’m still dreading all the pictures that are going to magically find their way to Facebook in the next couple of days. I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do. But I gots to run, gots stuff to do. So enjoy the post, and stay classy Second Lifers.


[skin] Speakeasy || Oli_Skin T6 [NEW]
[shape] .:Alberta Park:. || Custom Shape [Not For Sale]
[eyes] FATE || eyes v2.0
[ears] [MANDALA] || Stretched EARS
[facial hair] Speakeasy || Swav Facial Hair [NEW]
[beard] -Labyrinth- || Diego Beard
[face tattoo] Speakeasy || Thug_Life face tattoo [NEW]
[tattoo] Speakeasy || Sorry. Mom tattoo

[hat] CREDO || [Graphic beanie] Boombox
[piercings 1] IRON CLAW || MESH Piercing Set .::Black Maria::.
[piercings 2] SuPerBia || PierCinGs *SeT 12*
[wristband] RONSEM* || Wristband [Group Gift]
[pants] Speakeasy || Real Baggy Skinnys [NEW]
[shoes] FLite. || TMD Collections Red Palm Camo [Available @ TMD]

[pose] Diesel Works || Single Poses – Turk2


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