File No 021 – Oh My Goodness I’m Turnt Up

DropThatBlogWell shit, It’s been awhile eh? That’s a my bad on my part. I have been busy with RL work and just been down in the dumps really. But fuck it, like Eminem would say.. “I’M BAACKKKK”. So yeah, I changed my look. Dope right? I’d think so. AND GUESS WHAT. You can say that he was/is my “High School Crush” or something like that, but ya’ll can call him Chester. Long story short. I met this awesome dude, we clicked, I went MIA for RL reasons, and then he went all MIA. BUT HE’S BACK. Since he’s pretty stylish I dragged him along with this blog post and maybe a couple more in the future. You will never know. I won’t lie, the kid has style.  I would also like to tell you guys that this round at COLLABOR88 has amazing stuff. I wish I was able to get EVERYTHING to show you guys, but this bitch is broke. So I’ll link you up with a TP after all this bloggstuff so you can hurry your big butts there and check it out yourself! ANYWAYS, I will stop with all my blabbering and get on with the real shit that you guys want to know. But, I’m glad to be back and glad Jae took over while I wasn’t around. I thought his lazy ass wouldn’t do anything haha, JUST KIDDING JAE. We all love you. Kinda. Mwhahah. Enjoy blogbitties ❤

On Him
Hair: *Dura-Boy* 45 . Mocha
Jacket: RONSEM – Leather Jacket. Black (Male)
Pants: Apple May Designs – Low Rise Emo Pants . Black
Shoes: 2REAL FOOTWEAR – Decaz Shoes
Accessory: 2LAG – Jesus Chain . Gold


On Her
Hair: !lamb. – Zelda . Powder (COLLABOR88)
Top: Ricielli – Spiked Bra + Pullover . Basic Black + Gold
Pants: Q – Studded Leggings
Shoes: *Kitja Cherie* – Black Spike Boots
Tattoo: [EY:NO] – Tattoo Love Me

Tastes like skittles, tongue in the middle


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