File No 036: I Ain’t Never Growing Up.


You know what my favorite thing about Saturday is? No school, no work. Nothing but complete and utter freedom to hit the playground and play all damn day. Okay, so maybe I’m a few years removed from wanting to spend all day at the playground. Or even sneaking into the park at night to drink 40s and smoke a joint. But the point it’s Saturday and Saturday is my day off. So in honor of the child-like excitement surrounding a day when you have absolutely nothing to do but enjoy yourself I’ve decided to bring you guys some more of my new favorite things.

If you haven’t gotten down to the Cosmopolitan Sale Room yet, I would strongly suggest that you do. Amongst a ton of other must haves you’ll find this mask from ..::BlackHalls::... It’s mesh, it’s unisex, and it comes in a variety of colors to choose from. 9 distinct colors to be exact. Or hell, buy all of them and ensure you can run up on unsuspecting victims without sacrificing your sense of style. Either way, do yourself a favorite, get down to Cosmopolitan Sale Room and check out ..::BlackHalls::.. and all the designers taking part in the event. The current round only runs until December 22nd (I believe… I have a horrible memory. Too many trips to the park at night I guess).


[hair base] . : VyC : . || Tattoo Razored HAIRBASE [Cityscape] (Group Gift)
[mask] ..::BlackHalls::.. || Melted Mask Red (Available @ Cosmopolitan Sale Room)(NEW)
[jacket] [Pumpkin] || Fur&Leather (black) (NEW)
[pants] [coepio] || Mr.Cool Mesh Pants [Red]
[belt] “W” || hooligan belt2

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