File No 042: Bet I Bust.

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I told you you Second Lifers haven’t gotten rid of me for the day. So I hooked up with my sister today, the beautiful Moogie of Fuk N Classy, for a little joint project. She snapped the photos, edited the photos, and generally just made the whole thing happen. I was pretty much just a prop for this one, which is cool cause I’ve been drowning in stuff today. Funny story about my sister, she used to be a stripper until a freak boating accident left her missing her left arm and half her right leg. You have no idea how hard it is to hang upside down on a pole with one and a half legs. So sadly she had to retire from the exciting world of grinding on middle-aged men’s lap and instead took up blogging! …Actually none of that is true. I honestly don’t know how she got into blogging. But she’s here. And trust me, you’re going to be thankful that she is. So enjoy Second Lifers and I’ll catch up with you later.

blogpost judah

On Me
[hat] AKEYO || FEDORA_BlackWool
[hair] *booN || KCP393 hair
[piercings] SuPerBia || PierCinGs *SeT 12*
[facial hair] .’ World Of Men || Beard F
[beard] -Labyrinth- || Diego Beard
[shirts] [Bay Harbor] || Button-up (White)
[pants] FRUK || BioTech pants black
[shoes] FRUK || Nitric Boots Black

blog post moog

On Moogie
[skin] Essenses || Amaterasu
[hat] :GAUGED: || Fedora
[hair] Discord Designs || Ohna
[ears] MANDALA || Stretched Ears
[shirt] [NV] || Momo Blouse
[pants] F R U K || BioTech pants
[shoes] UBU || Drunks
[rings] [whatever] || cunt and candy rings

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