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What up Second Lifers! Your resident narcissist is back. At least for the time being. Recently I been hit with a bout of inspiration to start snapping pics and editing them again. Since blogging (and Flickr) is really the only way I know to showcase them, I decided I would log into the blog and start posting again. And since I have a partner in crime now, everything seems to just make more sense. Anyways, I’m taking it slow right now. Didn’t really feel like putting a whole outfit together from scratch. Lazy I know. BUT! I’m bringing you this dope outfit from Dystorted. Unfortunately, for me, the owner of Dystorted the beautiful and talented Twisted has decided to take some time away from SL. But that doesn’t mean her store’s gone anywhere. You can now find all Dystorted’s awesome pixel threads on Marketplace. So check ’em out, wont you? And enjoy the pics.

It feels so good to be baaaaaaack!


[hair & beard] DECO || MESH Shifty Hair Set
[shades] cutemurder || mesh :. skrllx sunglasses
[polo] Dystorted || Kick-up Polo Shirt [From Kick-up outfit]
[shorts] Dystorted || Kick-up shorts [From Kick-up outfit]
[shoes] 2 REAL || E-Wings
[pose] Focus || Street Man_1

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